my poshmark closet disappeared

This person just received the top and either didnt like it or found out it didnt fit her and wanted her money back. Especially when the buyer purposely ruins an item and Posh rules in their favor. They do not look out for the seller either. Completely bizarre but block and ignore. I too, am tired of the lowballs, and high commission that Poshmark takes on even lower priced items. Hi Sherri. I get charge backs with my own online store and never win even when the buyer hand signed for the box. Yesterday after being a buyer on Poshmark I decided to start selling some items. I wish all of you luck in your life and i hope those haters that are reading this stop the games on Poshmark. NWT Eliza J Women's Bell Cuff Jewel Neck Sweater - Size Medium. You put the boom in every problem Ive had. Hi Michelle, there is a monthly fee for Shopify and you do need to have some HTML/website coding skills. I dont feel so alone now. I have recently read some sellers have started to videotape the packing and actual item when shipping so they dont get scammed by bad buyers. Its going to be a big job moving my 250 items from Poshmark to other platform but I cant wait. Seeing the number of comments here going on about what a shitstorm Poshmark is here just tells me to stay the hell away from it. I sell very good quality custom jewelry on fb. Again, thats one of the reasons I quit! I learned this my first month and never turned back. and get mad when you reject the offer . I havent sold anything. No there's not a way to auto log out. I am a very active seller on Poshmark, but I had a buyer damage a coat because it didnt fit. I reported both these items immediately but Poshmark decided to ignore me and released the funds to both sellers. I sold her two UD sprays, a Too Faced palette that I had used and decided I didnt want, and a Kat Von D blush Id found at TJ Maxx. Closet Tools is a mission to help Poshmark sellers increase sales, followers, and turn their Poshmark closet into a full-time business. Im so sick and tired of the low-ball offers, especially when I already list the items at a low price. I think its safe to say that customer service exists in name only. My bank couldnt find the transaction so I had to wait to see where it landed then catch and re-route. I obviously had the same feeling as you. Tradesy handles all returns on their own. They take weeks to answer your questions and Ive had to cancel a bunch of orders because they failed to ship within seven days. I just started using Poshmark. Most items I have sent tops , pants and shoes are less then 3lbs and normally would cost under $3.00 to send yet the buyer is forced to spend either $6.79 or $ 5.00 unless the seller wants to pay shipping. I have like 450,000 followers on Poshmark but I really want to transition into my own store online. I will now only buy on TheRealReal. I accepted the dress in the Poshmark app before I had examined it since I was sure that it would be fine coming from a reliable Posher and I wanted to make sure that she received the payment from Poshmark as soon as possible. Essentially, there are many Sellers that may have 1,000 listed items to Sell, yet lacks any real intention of Selling many of the listed items. Of course, there are several other top Poshmark sellers who are crushing it. Well, even if youre not in share jail, keep reading. How is that allowed?! Next, Ill tell you the super complicated way to get out of it. I had my absolute last straw with them tonight. I sold lots of things that came as distressed inventory from a huge metalworking tooling company, industrial supply, tools, clothing. Finding me on fb to harass me. I feel that I should get some of my money back bc I have defective shoes and poshmark has a guarantee to not sell faulty items since I paid so much for these defective very expensive Louboutins I feel that I should be compensated.. so far as a buyer this website kinda sux .. Im an honest person and buyer and not one thing that I bought on this website was described accurately ( I take that back one pair of pants were fine) but sellers should be honest bc there are good honest buyers like myself who end up with the short end of the stick. Tabitha, it is a HUGE time suck. You did the right thing Lesli by filing an official complaint with the BBB. This unfortunately happened to me. Alexandria. Remember that when youre stressing out about a bad review on Posh. It is a challenge since my clothing consists of very nice designer items (at very low prices) and not secondhand items, and I think a lot of people are used to buying bargain basement thrift items (which I do not sell). I do not want to have my items listed on any venue that will not protect its sellers. Bundle & Save! Maybe so, but if she were looking for jeans with lycra and that was important to hershe should have asked before buying. Im sorry, if I list a brand new, with tags Kate Spade cosmetic bag for $20 dont ask if Ill take five. Because it sold for above $500 it had to be sent first to Poshmark offices for authentication. But I understand.d Im not thrilled with the cut that Poshmark wants, or with all the click the following button. But regardless, the heavy discount, free gift, fast shipping and neat packaging was not enough? I sell on Posh and have been pleased with things so far, but I am waiting with dread for the first bad buyer. I accepted a real lowball offer for the item in the first place, but I couldnt believe it was happening to me! As a buyer Im very frustrated now with sellers who post but never provide any detail of the items (when it only takes a second to measure), those who send damaged goods and those who take my money and never ship at all. If its less expensive, and you wouldnt be out a lot of money if they scammed you, then it might be worth the chance. I just think it is ridiculous to complain about that when you got the shirt probably for $3!! I dont know how to start my own website or market it but congratulations to you. I joined last October in search of something to purchase. If there were any flaws whatsoever, I would disclose them in my description. The dress was sent back. Poshmark would send you and email, and you wouldnt be able to log into your account. I have read a lot of horror stories like this happening to people unfortunately. Wow. Why did you accept the offer if you cant ship the item? List On Tradesy, etsy, eBay, and as many websites as you can so that you dont get caught up in PoshMarks TIME SUCK MACHINE and squander your weekends away. Beware of Ebay! I like people to be sure an she said it will fit just mail it to me ! At the same time, I do not have time to hunt through numerous platforms when I am searching for a vintage pair of Z Cavariccis or Betsey handbag. I opened up a store just to down size. I sold a pair of like new Spanx skinny jeans for a ridiculously low price to someone who I just had a feeling was going to be a problem after I accepted their offer. Twenty items I dont have to discount -90% off and still have unhappy people. I am sincerely hoping that with the recently increased success of the customer service team, that we will be successful in getting our Poshmark back to the way it was meant to be with perhaps some more appropriate commission fees. I have filed a case against the return but days have passed and Ive only received bs automated responses. The $9.98 maxi dress ( plus $2.99 shipping) I bought on ebay, from all over Poshmark, selling for as high as $60if you peruse ebay, and those budget Asian stores ( Shein, Sammydress,floryday..the Wish appyou csn expect to see the same items , usingvthe same stock photos(!!!) 2 Bond Perfector Large 17.75 oz/525 ml SEALED. Have you tried Tradesy? I think we should be able to review the buyer. Premier Designs Necklace Fashion Jewelry-Rhodium Plated Silver-Signed. Took a huggggee break on there. I ask for a supervisor to email me or for them to give me a corporate number and I get a lengthier email from Posh threatening to shut my account for selling fakes. I also received a blouse that was listed as free people. Trends are constantly changing and personalized to each user. Whatever!! I clearly stated in my Use the site wisely, certainly dont sell something you wouldnt give away to charity. The cost to market my site to get effective sales is also a financial burden. Who do they restrict? This last time I ordered was past the 7 day mark and Poshmark would not let me cancel it from their website. Poshmark Marketplace Marketplace and Deals. Luckily a friend bought it but for $100 so i lost 200+ IT insane- thats when I found out that people do that- they buy sometime to wear fora special event- and damage it on purpose after so they can validate a return,.. I dont know too many things that are just off about POSH! Good Luck to all! I realize this is an old post and maybe someone has already pointed this out, but I had someone try a scam to get a refund.She wet a corner of a handbag and photographed it then filed a complaint. Umno. My Inventory Report provides valuable information about your inventory and helps you keep track of all your listings in one place. I have never bought anything online, ever. I guess if you get all your items for a $1.00 its worth it. So as of right now I am out around $100. I sold a few things right away and was happy about that. Best. Looks like Im screwed on that one too. Also, I had to raise my prices to make up for the fees so I couldnt really entertain offers. They were only $7 so I felt like the buyer understood that they couldnt possible be UGG. It looked nothing like the photos in terms of fabric or even color. Ive read all the horror stories on this blog and its very scary. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I have 97 great reviews and one bad one from a liar. My stuff is just regular everyday clothes & shoes it seems. Seriously. It doesnt affect anyone who is buying if they see you sold one item or hundreds as to whether youll make a sale. Uhm, this crap is par for the course in a retail environment. Good idea, I was actually going to record opening the box just so there would be some sort of proof. I appreciate your feedback! I decided to join a Facebook support group, see if I could learn something. I just opened my closet on Poshmark exactly 2 1/2 months ago and although Im doing great, I feel like if I do step away from the shares and the parties etc that my sales also decline as well. So Im not inexperienced in customer service or shipping logistics. This is only after they posted on my comments wall asking when I would be shipping the bag and incessant questions. I am documenting my packaging & item just to be safe. So then I upped the prices on my items hoping to get an offer closer to what I wanted to sell it for, still got lowball offers. No comments or likes, just followers. What??? Thanks for reading! You want to stay on Poshmarks good side, so you can continue to make sales and make money on the platform. And this is exactly why I left Poshmark! I dont have many followers and Im new to selling online. I know what things cost. I have been an occasional Poshmark shopper (I shop ALL over online, wherever I find what I want at a fair price and I never lowball anyone). It was in perfect condition. So I went to eBay Mercari etc. Arfg, 4 orders in progress now. I always took great care to make sure every piece I sold on Poshmark was in excellent condition. How do you advertise your site, or give it visibility to the market you are targeting? Posh doesnt seem to have a system in place to protect the seller!! The worst for me was selling an amazing dress at a very low price just to get something out the door, packing it carefully and attractively, shipping next day only to receive a needs work rating two weeks later for no apparent reason.

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