Acrylfentanyl Powder


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What Is Acrylfentanyl powder?

Acrylfentanyl Powder is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid up to 100 times more potent than morphine. It is an incredibly effective painkiller. It is commonly used in conjunction with other substances to produce anesthesia. Fentanyl is so powerful that a potentially deadly dosage is only 3 milligrams. This compared to the lethal dosage of 30 milligrams of heroin. This fact illustrates how an addiction to fentanyl is much more dangerous than heroin addiction.

Acrylfentanyl is a fentanyl analog, a designer drug produced synthetically. It has been increasingly found on the black market and is endangering the lives of many Americans today. Chemically, it is very similar to fentanyl, but also has a slightly higher potency and longer duration of effects.

As the number of opioid overdoses increases, so does the development and distribution of analogs. Analogs are derivatives of chemically similar opioid drugs that are produced illicitly in clandestine laboratories here and abroad. One of the main purposes of the creation of analogs.  It is to circumvent U.S. drug laws by developing new drugs before they can be classified as controlled substances.

Ethics and Social Relevance

Metabolites are an important component in the process to work out reliable analytical methods to use in determination of drug abuse.  To have reliable analytical methods are important for forensic laboratories. As such their results will influence the outcome in court for abuse of illegal substances. It is also important for clinical laboratories to have safe methods so that they can help a patient with overdose as fast and efficient as possible. To make metabolites synthetically is a preferable method as it is easy to get a high amount of a pure product. To make metabolites synthetically also have the advantage of knowing the structure of the product before analysis

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