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Fish scale cocaine

Fish scale cocaine is the purest form of cocaine, more refined and powerful than traditional cocaine hydrochloride. All forms of cocaine are considered Schedule II controlled substances typically found illicitly, although some are used for legitimate medical purposes. Visually, FS coke differs from white or off-white powder cocaine due to its luminous, iridescent appearance resembling fish scales. Because it is particularly potent and pure, it is more addictive and dangerous than other forms of stimulant cocaine.

For those who become dependent on fish scale cocaine in any form, quitting can be challenging, even when they’re facing grave consequences. Fortunately, cocaine addiction is treatable. Through comprehensive, multi-level programs, many people have recovered and gone on to live healthy, productive lives. Guardian Recovery offers personalized, evidence-based treatment that allows individuals struggling with addiction to receive the tools and support they need to sustain long-lasting sobriety.

What Is Fish Scale Powder?

As noted, fish scale cocaine is a high-potency form of the cocaine drug that is lustrous and relective in appearance. Due to its quality, FS coke is 2-3 times more expensive than traditional cocaine, which, when sold on the black market, is only about 60% pure. In contrast, FS coke is 90% pure and typically contains fewer cutting agents and additives. Junkies regularly snort, smoke, or dissolve and intravenously inject FS coke . Side effects of coke fish scale are similar to other forms, but due to the increased potency, they may be substantially more

What Are the Different Features of FS coke vs. Cocaine Hydrochloride?

Cocaine hydrochloride is typically cut with adulterants such as sugar, corn starch, quinine, and local anesthetics. The inclusion of these and other ingredients give street cocaine a dull white, off-white, or brown tint. Certain features of fish scale cocaine make it relatively easy to identify. Users describe its bright white color as glossy, pearly, or iridescent. The powder form commonly presents itself like cocaine hydrochloride. Also, researchers convert it to crack cocaine to be solid and rock-like.

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