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O-acetylmethylketobemidone and acetoxymethylketobemidone are other names of O-AMKD. Apparently ,it is a prodrug to methylketobemidone and an analog of ketobemidone. Scandinavian countries mostly use O-AMKD.

Its effectivity is similar to morphine but reportedly more euphoric at similarly analgesic doses.

It has certain NMDA antagonist activity due to one of its main metabolites (norketobemidone, results from N-demethylation). Also, its methyl analogue may or may not share. Thus, it is an opioid analgesic.

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These designer drugs often have similar effects as the originally researched drug. However, the chemical structure of the designer drug is usually different from that of the initial drug. This distinction is key – where one original drug might be illegal and known to be dangerous. For instance, a designer drug might gain popularity because it is not technically the same drug as the original drug and therefore, in some jurisdictions, it is not technically illegal.

Although taking any drug involves some risk, there has hardly been any research done on these drugs. At all and as of yet, there is very little information about the effects (short and long term). how they work, whether they’re addictive and whether there are any allergic reactions or overdose potentials. It is very difficult to be definitive about the effects of any chemical on human beings, particularly if the exact nature of that chemical is unknown.

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